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New Music, Live Sessions & 60 Years Of Rock & Roll. It's what we do! New arrivals, and great music from our massive library (ooo-err, missus).
From midnight - 0600, the tracks other stations never play. From Prog-rock to Curtis Mayfield to The Beatles, if it's over 5 mins long, we play it here. The night will fly by!
From 0600 - midnight, two songs every hour by this week's Chosen One(s). Coming up, it's Placebo. If you've got a suggestion (a nice one!), let us know.
Sundays 0600 - 1400, "easy like Sunday morning". Try this: soundtrack, jazz, singer/songwriters, 60s R&B, blues. It's just, well, cool. Love it!
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You can get in touch with us in the usual ways.

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You can leave also leave a voice message on this number (UK calls are free within "inclusive call" packages):

(UK): 0200 888 0 297
(Int'l): +44 200 888 0 297
Our UK registered office address for service of legal documents (but not for studio or programming matters) is:

89 Middlewood Rd,
S6 4GX

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2XS has been Listener Supported Radio and since 2002, we have been ensuring that more credible music is available to radio listeners. We place a special emphasis on playing new artists amongst established names which stops them being 'ghetto-ised' in shows only listened to by their Mums, Dad, and Aunties (see 'BBC Introducing'!).

We believe that music radio should be free at the point of use, so we don't charge a subscription fee to listen. In return, we ask you to help us to stay ad-free, by contributing to our running costs (which are primarily copyright payments). Perhaps you could keep us going with a one-off or recurring donation via Paypal (you don't need a Paypal account to do this)?

The massive royalty fees imposed on Internet Radio in the UK have constricted what would, by now, have been a viable, successful industry. Instead, the field is once again left open to the BBC and its £3.8 billion p.a. (yes, really!) income.

You can help in other ways, too:

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Just so you know: all income is spent on royalty payments, occasional studio and software upgrades. No-one gets paid.

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About us

We started 2XS back in 2002 - borne out of the radio shows '2XS' and 'XS'.

Our passionate interest in New Music, our exclusive live recordings (the 'Barn Sessions') and our knowledge of "60 Years Of Rock & Roll", has enabled Jeff Cooper, Guy Morris (above), Caroline Woodruff (below), Tony Howard and others to create a radio station with a worldwide fan-base.

We remain fiercely independent, resisting many buy-out attempts, and we are serviced directly by all major record labels, promoters and bands in the UK, the USA and around the world.

We select music which we believe is a greater reflection of the past "60 Years Of Rock & Roll" than you will hear anywhere else. We all have backgrounds in music radio and we believe in the music we play - which is rare in radio these days!

We think of 2XS more as a 'rock & roll' station than a 'rock' station. Although guitar-based music accounts for around 80% of what we play, our tastes are pretty catholic with the remainder coming from other styles which have absorbed that heritage without compromising it. So you'll hear some Country-Rock, but not Country & Western; you'll hear real Soul and R&B from the 50s, 60s and 70s, but not the synthetic 'urban-pop R&B' of today; you'll hear Ska and Reggae but not Dancehall; pioneer rappers and poets like Grandmaster Flash, Linton Kwesi-Johnson and Gil Scott-Heron, but no Gangsta... you get what we mean!

From the day we started, we have been enthusiastic about New Music, expecially music produced by unsigned artists, and we are always keen to hear new material. Details of how to get that to us are here. All the music we play is supplied to us by the artists, their record labels, promotion agents or management companies: we do not search for material, nor do we 'steal' it!

We go back quite a way now, and you can read more about the history of the station by downloading this .pdf

The 2XS website should display correctly on most devices (mobiles, tablets and computers), most platforms (Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux) and most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, etc). If the images or text don't display properly, you probably need to update your browser to one which renders HMTL5 websites correctly. We recommend Chrome: Google's version is available here, but there are other generic versions, too. Firefox is also good.

How To Listen...
On the move (train, bus, car):
Using your smartphone or other device, you can listen via this website. It automatically becomes a Mobile-friendly page on phones and tablets. Use your browser link to <Add To Desktop> so you can easily tune-in again next time. It's best to make sure your mobile package includes unlimited data (or at least 1Gb/month). In the UK, Three is the best network for mobile listening.

At home with an Internet Radio:

If you have Broadband and WiFi, you can listen to 2XS without using your PC, just like with FM (or DAB, which just sounds awful!). The Roberts Stream 217 is an excellent all-rounder, with coverage of all bands, IM, FM & DAB.
At home with a PC/Mac:

Just listen with the tuner at the bottom of this page. If you prefer, you can also use heritage standalone players like Winamp, VLC, iTunes, Foobar2000, Windows Media, etc, by selecting the link below. Save for future listening by right-clicking and choosing <Save link as>. On Macs, we're also in iTunes.

Don't forget to connect the audio output of your device to your stereo system to hear us in superb near-cd quality (you'll probably need a "3.5mm minijack-to-phono (RCA)" cable).

Sending us music?
We get 100s of music emails plus dozens of CDs every week, and we have to be streamlined in how we deal with them. To help you to get your music to us, we have prepared a short guide!

Please download and read this pdf, and read the included Conditions for Music Submissions. By sending any music or other materials to 2XS, you are expressly agreeing to the Terms contained therein.

And please don't forget to:

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